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  Worry Reduction with FOCUS&Free™

FOCUS&FREE™ is especially designed to help those who experience constant worry and anxiety. Whether you tend to worry about relationships, work, money, or anything else, it is the degree of worry that counts. Excessive worry is likely to cause a range of problems namely sleep difficulties and insomnia, performance issues at work, university and in relationships, lack of self -confidence, anxiety and even depression.

Why worry?

Worry itself is a biologically adaptive and helps with motivation. If we did not worry at all we would not become motivated to try anything. However persistent worry is problematic as it starts to interfere with everyday life and activities. If you have racing thoughts or a mind that does not want to switch off, then FOCUS&FREE™ is for you.

How can I reduce worry?

In order to reduce worry FOCUS&FREE™ will teach you 50 strategies that are likely to help you better manage your anxiety and worry.

Australian Based Research

The program is unique in that it is based on Australian research conducted at some of the nations leading universities including the University of New South Wales and the University of Western Australia. Through coaching you will learn techniques that will help!

Enrol in FOCUS&Free™ ... call 0414 985 280

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