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  Quit Smoking With QUIT-Ease™

Whether you have been smoking cigarettes for 5 years, 10 years, 20 or 30 years perhaps you have come to realise the harm cigarette smoking does to your physical health. Did you know that smoking also effects emotional well-being? Here are some of the myths about cigarettes?

MYTH: Smoking makes me relaxed and helps me get though the day

FACT: Smoking increases stress and anxiety due to the action of the stimulant nicotine on the cardiovascular system. The inhalation of a deep breath during smoking actually produces a relaxation effect however remember that you are also inhaling thousands of damaging toxins. You can obtain the same relaxation effect from a breathing technique taught in our quit smoking program.

MYTH: Smoking helps me think

FACT: How do people who do not smoke think or plan. It is an illusion that one needs nicotine filled cigarettes to think clearly. If anything smoking ultimately deprives the brain from oxygen.

MYTH: It will be extremely hard to quit

FACT: Without motivation this is true. The QUIT-Ease™ program provides

  • Assessment of readiness to quit smoking
  • motivation and encouragement
  • help and support
  • strategies and skills to stay quit long term

How does QUIT-Ease™ work?

Our system only uses well researched methods to quit smoking. When I attended the World Congress On Tobacco and Health in Beijing the conclusions were that methods such as hypnosis, herbs and acupuncture have minimal evidence of being effective whilst Combination Therapies have the most chance of success. Combination Therapies are those methods that include motivational counselling, strategies and medical products such as nicotine replacement patches.

QUIT-Ease™ works because of our careful assessment of your needs and our use of only the more effective techniques. We will be with you every step of the way! For more information about the QUIT-Ease™ program call us on 0414 985 280.





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