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Sleep difficulties are a fairly common problem in the community with a substantial effect on human life, daily functioning and quality of life. Sleep problems, sometimes known as Insomnia, may, although do not have to be, associated with anxiety, depression, stress, and medical problems such as sleep apnea. There may also be side effects of medications to consider. Additional causes of sleep problems include worry, obstructive habits like TV or internet usage in the middle of the night, relationship problems and poor diet and lifestyle.

Complete the check list below
If you have 2 of the following then SleepEASY™ may help YOU

  Yes No
1. worry alot
2. relationship problems
3. suffer with depression
4. lack of exercise or poor diet
5. feel stressed more than 2 days a week
6. work hassles
7. financial problems
8. take medications
9. been through a loss such as death or divorce

The ongoing effects of sleep problems

  • moodiness and irritability
  • angry and stressed a lot of the time
  • poor concentration
  • prone to accidents or mishaps
  • dizziness and vertigo
  • depression and anxiety
  • substance abuse, cigarette smoking
  • lack of energy and motivation
  • do not feel like socialising

How can SleepEASY™ help me?

If your General Practitioner has suggested you see us, this is because our approach is particularly helpful for people with ongoing sleep problems. Our approach is supportive and provides you with strategies and skills to get a better night sleep.

Call us today on 0414 985 280.

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