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Health Books/CDs/Videos


Long playing CD comprising relaxation and meditation techniques set against the background of beautiful South Pacific music. Particularly useful for anxiety, stress, pain, depression and self esteem building. Produced in Sydney by Clinical Psychologist Ilan Cohen, the CD aims to promote peace and hope, mindfulness and awareness.

Order within Australia:
$30 AUD - includes postage within Australia


Orders outside Australia:
$35 AUD - includes postage outside Australia

Living Beyond Pain
Author Ilan Cohen has written this book for anyone experiencing ongoing pain such as headaches, back and neck pain, arthritis and chronic health conditions.

For the person with chronic pain, sometimes it is as though everything is about pain; your conversations, your thoughts and your outlook. When medication fails to provide relief, disappointment and frustration often follows, and stress just makes the pain worse.

living beyond pain will teach you simple skills for using meditation to manage your pain and get your life back. Learn to take control of your pain with Mindfulness Meditation and other helpful meditation and relaxation techniques.

living beyond pain will help you understand how stress might be impacting on your pain, and how to halt the pain/depression cycle. It is packed with tips for controlling anger and frustration, changing negative thought patterns and setting realistic goals. living beyond pain is good news; there is life beyond pain!

Order within Australia:
$30 AUD - includes postage within Australia

Orders outside Australia:
$35 AUD - includes postage outside Australia


E-book: The 'Mindfulness' Approach to Improving Your Life: Practice, Theories and Research

Over 40 pages packed with fascinating detail on how meditation works and how to meditate. The science of meditation is succinctly explained along with more than 30 types of meditation. Suitable for people suffering with health problems, stress related conditions, anxiety, depression and pain.

Cost: $20 AUD

E-book: Your child from birth to 7 years

From the publishing stable at myhealthmatters, this E-Book
details the development of a childs' emotional, physical, social and intellectual health. Ideal for parents or parents to be, don't be without this easy to read practical resource.

Cost: $25 AUD

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