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  Beat Depression with CBT

Perhaps you have heard of CBT, perhaps not as yet.

CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is the most well researched and well regarded form of therapy for Depression and Anxiety. Most doctors today request CBT for their patients because they have seen the results and outcomes for themselves. When it comes to treating Depression CBT is the treatment of choice.

Information about Depression

We all experience some degree of depression in our lives. Some people experience depression more often and more severely than others. It is quite difficult to assess ones' own depression and reach out for help. Our defense mechanisms, such as denial, anger, shame, are always telling us that we should be able to deal with life and that asking for help is a sign of weakness. The consequences of untreated depression can include relationship conflict and breakdown, work problems, anger, moodiness and procrastination, isolatory behaviours such as not socialising and cancelling arrangements, alcohol or drug overuse and in extreme cases self harm and suicide.

Checklist of Warning Signs that may indicate a problem with depression

Do you experience any 3 of the following on an ongoing basis?

  Yes No
Feelings of hopeless or helplessness
Persistent tiredness
Pessimism about the future
Negative thinking
Guilt and Fear
Undereating or overeating (comfort foods)
Inability to experience pleasure
Relationship conflicts at work or home
Moodiness or irritability
Thoughts of self harm or suicide
Avoidance of activity
Problems with sleep
Lack of exercise
Difficulty with motivation
Drug or alcohol abuse

The Good News.

You can better manage depression. CBT will provide you with strategies and skills to cope better on a day to day basis. Find out more about the Beat Depression with CBT program by calling one of our Clinical Psychologists specifically trained in CBT on 0414 985 280.

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